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ceramic pool tiles

Investing in a swimming pool soon? Taking some time to get educated about current pool trends will help you make the most out of your investment! Below are some of the most hip design and aesthetic trends for swimming pool tiles and other components for this year.

ceramic pool tiles

Fancy Tiling

Begone are the days of regular concrete pools. In 2017, the popularity of ceramic pool tiles, stone pool tiles, and glass pool tiles is forecasted to rise.

While these pool tiles have been incorporated into many a swimming pool in the past, other owners have shied away from them because of the perceived complexity of maintenance. In addition, their initial costs are quite significant; homeowners who are working with a budget do not think that they can afford them.

However, today, there are plenty of budget-friendly fancy tilling options that are available for all types of pool projects. And on top of improved aesthetics, you can also look forward to increased home value, as well as more customisation.

Zero Edge

Infinity pools are some of the most attractive exterior elements out there, and if you have the chance to have one in your home or aquatic centre, we think you should certainly call it! Zero edge, negative edge, or infinity pools are particularly ideal for areas that are situated near other bodies of water. The design philosophy that is infused into these pools melds well with the view of the surrounding water bodies, which creates the illusion of a more expansive pool.

Infinity pools fetch quite a pretty penny, though, so make sure that you are prepared for the cost considerations of their installation and maintenance.



Maintaining the functionality, safety of your swimming pool tiles and other components is now easier, thanks to automation systems. Even better, there is a brighter future for the incorporation of significant maintenance aspects, such as ensuring the sanitation of the pool and its water quality. Today, you can opt to install technological suites that provide seamless connectivity with smartphones and computers, so you can conveniently manage your pool.

At Ceramic Solutions, we are committed to guiding our clients toward harnessing the full functionality of their concrete swimming pools. And we believe that being at the forefront of industry trends is important in achieving that. If you are interested in any of these trends, or you wish to ask if a particular style will best fit your needs, send us a message today!


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