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 The issue if there really such a thing as G-spot has caused confusion to a lot of people. We hear this everywhere but does such really exist? If it does, how do we get it? Because of these questions, people lead to the use of different sex toys hoping that they can provide the best experience for their G-spot. This is where the Njoy Pure Wand comes in. It is a beautiful, no-nonsense toy helps find and stimulate the G-spot with ease.

The Specs

The product is a curved dildo that is made of medical-grade stainless steel. It has a small ball on one end and a larger ball on the other. Its small end is designed to stimulate the prostate, while the large end is for the G-spot, but of course you can put whatever end you want in any hole you want. But this toy is actually a bit heavy at 1.5 pounds, measuring 8 inches.

How to Use

Using it is easy. You just have to insert it into the vaginal canal or rectum, making sure that the curve faces up. You can experiment using both the small and large ends to know what feels good to your body. Reclining is the best position to maneuver the toy. Position your head and chest propped up on a pillow. As you hold the wand, drag it and out of your body. Focus on small and subtle movements until you get stimulated.

The Pros

The wand is well-designed. If you want to stimulate your G-spot, you’ll find that the curve of the Wand perfectly places the ends right where they feel best. Since the G-spot needs intense stimulation this wand really delivers. You can also add clitoral stimulation with a vibrator or your fingers for the best orgasm.

It’s also great that this wand does not have vibration. It still needs you to do the work thus forcing you to take it easy and take your time. The Wand is such a nice change of pace and you will realize this after first usage that the payoff will definitely be worth it.

Another exceptional factor is that it is so easy to clean. With just soap and water or dip it quickly in boiling water and you are all done.

The Cons

The weight will require you to do all the work which can get tiring. It is also difficult to use the smaller end internally as the weight favors the larger end more. Another thing, it is cold. Since the stainless steel can hold the temperature, you may need to warm up first using your hands so you don’t get shock of the cold metal. You can try warming it up in a boil of water first.

The Verdict

If you want to explore your G-spot then this simple product is a must try. Also, If you want something of good design and looks gorgeous, then you can go for it as it delivers and can stimulate well.

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