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water jet cutting machine

Deciding to install a water jet machine in your facility is the start of streamlined functionality, better quality results, and cost efficiency for your cutting applications. As such, it is critical that you make sure that you will be able to harness the full functionality of such an equipment. And one of the best ways to make that happen is to prepare your facility accordingly for optimal performance, particularly where the following is concerned:

Physical environment

First off, your facility should have a solid enough foundation to support the weight of a water jet machine, as well as its components. The floor should especially be primed for cutting applications; it should be made of concrete, and it should be thick enough to resist vibrations during operation.


Air pressure

Compressed air is required to operate many types of water jet machines, and an air compressor is therefore a vital piece of equipment in your facility. Additionally, air supply must meet the specifications of the manufacturer. And air should be distributed in such a way as to not impede the smooth functionality of the machine and its components.



A water jet machine will not be able to function without water. For certain types of machines, there may be two sources of water required: a supply to the intensifier pump of the system, and another to the heat exchanger. Some manufacturers may also prescribe quality controls, particularly where the amount of total dissolved solids is concerned.


Electric power

Power is also crucial to your operations; in most cases, having one single connection point is best. This is so that the pumps, machine controls, and the operating system of the equipment itself can be powered seamlessly.


Sewer system

Finally, your fabricating or machining system must be connected to a sewer, for the proper disposal of coolant and exiting water.


Tips in Preparing Your Facility

To make sure that you address all that you need to prior to the installation of the water jet machine, it is best to seek professional assistance. Suppliers and manufacturers, in particular, are great sources of information for everything that you need to know for proper setup.

If you happen to have questions or queries regarding any part of the preparation, do not hesitate to relay them to the right resource people.

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