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3d printers

canon printer with scanner3D printing is a process of creating a 3-dimentional rigid object by adding multiple layers of material sequentially. There are many types of printers themselves and types of materials used, but general principle remains the same.

It all starts with a 3d model, created on a computer or by scanning an existing object with 3d scanners. The printer then takes this model and slices it into thousands of very thin layers, looking like a horizontal cross-section. Then it starts to print each layer on top of another usually by adding some soft material and hardening it immediately after that.

3d printers can be used in industry or in personal applications. Companies widely use 3d printers for rapid prototyping, while enthusiastic consumers mostly print for recreational purposes. Prices can vary from $30 for a toy-like printer up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for industrial ones. Typical personal 3d printers cost around $300 – $3000 mark.

The future of 3d printing looks very promising. Scientists and companies predict that it can lead to another technical revolution, which would change the world. With advance of technologies used in 3d printing, people will be able to print a lot of things at home and not buy them from other people or factories.

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