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3d scanners

printers3D scanners are devices which analyze an object to collect data on its shape and appearance. Once the data has been collected, it can be used to construct 3D models. 3D scanners are used widely in the entertainment industry specifically in the production of video games and movies.

The 3D scanning technology is also employed in orthotics, quality control, industrial design, and prosthetics as well as in the documentation of artifacts. 3D scanners have some similarities with the cameras. For instance, they have cone-like field of view just like the cameras. Also, they cannot collect data from obscured surfaces. The main difference between 3D scanners and cameras is that while cameras collect the color information in its field of view, a 3D scanner collects the distance data about the surfaces in its field of view.

This makes it possible to identify the 3D position of each and every point in the picture. There are different types of 3D scanners: contact 3D scanners, time of flight 3D scanner and triangulation based 3D scanner among others.

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