Gastric Bypass Surgery Australia: The Recovery

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most popular weight loss surgeries available today ins Sydney. However, when it comes to recovery, there is really no definitive timetable. Each patient recovers at a different rate and this depends on different factors such as the type of surgery, health condition prior to the surgery, and even the complications that could arise after having it. But all in all, 3-4 months is the estimated time for a patient to fully recover.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Australia: The Recovery

The entire journey- from the operation to the recovery requires the patient to follow a set of steps that will determine his or her progress through the cycle of recovery. One way to determine this is through the patient’s diet during the recovery. Thus, it is important to understand the recovery timetable as this will help analyze the post-surgery diet of the patient in a more detailed way.

Phase 1

This phase often lasts about 3-7 days after the surgery. During this time, the patient is not prohibited from taking any food or liquid. In most cases, the recovery could be as fast as 2-3 days, enough for the surgery wounds to heal, thus allowing the intake of liquid food. When this happens, the patient would be restricted to drink liquids such as unsweetened fruit juices at regular intervals just to meet the daily dietary requirements.

Phase 2

This is the phase of recovery that allows the patient to consume semi-liquid foods, usually 1-3 weeks after the procedure. Such types of foods are those that have been pureed like that of a baby’s food. Some examples are mashed vegetables and fruits. In this phase, small meal portions are still recommended and eating is done every two hours to make sure that the patient receives some nutrition.

Phase 3

This is the time when the patient can eat foods that are semi-solid or those that are soft like crackers, bread, and casseroles. Fish meat and lean meat are also allowed. The period spans for about 1-3 months, depending on the response of the patient to food consistency.

Phase 4

This is basically the end of the recovery period. In this phase, the patient resumes eating solid foods but at frequent intervals and smaller portions. Some of the most common foods consumed by the patient include lean meats, fish, chicken, bread, and yogurt. There is an emphasis on the portion size as the reduced volume of the person’s digestive tract can only handle about two ounces of food.

Patients of gastric bypass surgery in Australia and other parts of the world need to understand that the journey to losing weight does not after the operation. Instead, the recovery period should be given importance and be done seriously.

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