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Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

Dangerous goods storage cabinets are necessary for the safe and secure storage of flammable liquids and gases, as well as toxic, oxidising, organic, combustible, and corrosive substances and peroxides. Having them inside premises is not only to ensure a safe workplace, but also to meet national and local standards and requirements.

Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

If you maintain a facility that deals with these, choosing the right dangerous goods storage cabinet is important. Consider these factors.

Required Product Standards

All dangerous goods storage cabinets in Australia must comply with established product standards, particularly AS 1940-2004. In addition, they should bear important markers and words of caution, including warning signs, the name and address of the manufacturer, and their maximum storage capacity.

It is also important to remember that adhering to local and national standards is one thing; and it is another to uphold national and local codes of practice.  So when incorporating dangerous goods storage cabinets to your suite of equipment, also make sure that design setup and provisions for operation are strictly followed.


Classifications of Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are grouped into differing classes, and each one requires a certain kind of  chemical storage cabinet. After all, what works for organic and oxidising substances will not be suitable for flammable solids. A good rule of thumb to follow is to check the according type classification of the cabinet that you are considering, but don’t forget that you should do this alongside vetting other factors. For instance, a Class 3 storage cabinet should have the proper size and maximum volume capacity necessary in accommodating your flammable liquids.


Supplier or Resource Company

It is also vital that you make sure that you are only getting your range of dangerous goods storage cabinets from a trusted resource. Suppliers such as Global Spill Control, for example, can be trusted to provide quality products that meet your requirements while also satisfying product and safety standards.

In addition, your supplier or resource company should be able to provide comprehensive and personalised product guidance, especially if you are not sure about which type of storage cabinet is best for your specific applications. If you have any questions or concerns, your supplier should also be able to get them sorted and managed for your peace of mind. And finally, make sure that you’re buying a product with good warranty; if you are not sure about the extent of the coverage, ask before you buy.

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