Non Slip Floor Tiles: The Use of Coating to Prevent Accidents

Non Slip Floor Tiles: The Use of Coating to Prevent Accidents

More and more people are now realizing the importance of non slip floor tiles. This type of tiles has become so popular as so many people have been victims of slip accidents which resulted to injuries. Property owners- both buildings and homes give importance on making their floors anti-slip and this is where coating and treatment chemicals come in.

Anti-Slip Floor

Making your floor anti-slip can offer numerous benefits. Anti slip protection for the different types of floors like vinyl, marble, granite, tiles, ceramics, terrazzo, concrete, etc. are widely available. You just need to apply non-slip coating on these tiles. Chemical coatings help increase the slip resistance by up to 80%, thus making floors much safer to walk on. Glazed tiles are usually used in offices, homes, hotels, airports, hospitals, sports complexes, and even outdoors. Ensure better safety by treating your floor against slippages.

Non-Slip Coating

Many homeowners today make use of an anti-slip coating that does not only make the floors non-slip, but even protects its appearance for months. Such coating is very easy to apply and does not need too much time or effort. The chemicals can be mopped regularly and conveniently.

A non-slip coating can prevent floors from getting stained or damaged easily. The coating can even be applied on the bathtub and bathroom. Slip and fall accidents are common among kids and older people. Kids are often careless while old people do not have enough strength and they lack balance that lead them to slip on the floor.

Moreover, the coating is even effective on porcelain and ceramic tiles that are often used in bathrooms. Even when the surfaces are wet, the tiles will remain slip resistant. Since the coating is invisible, it does not affect the look for the bathtub or bathroom.

Chemically-Treated Floor

Treating the floor chemically is a long-lasting method of making the floor anti-slippery. In this case, floors are being covered by a transparent non-slip coating that could last for up to five years. This material will not only strengthen resistance against slipping but gives the floor a cleaner look. Furthermore, the floor also becomes water and stain resistant. You can expect a well-treated floor to stay clean looking for so many years. The techniques in treating the floor are non-abrasive and does not harm humans.

When treating floors with a non-slip coating, it is best to seek the help of professionals, instead of doing it on your own. Doing so will allow you to avoid mistakes and you can expect the best results. There are a lot of companies that offer their services of treating floors for anti-slippages. So, be sure to find the best professionals in your area to provide such service.